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The ideal and best fitted shirt isn’t necessarily the one you purchased from the most expensive shop, it's the one that fits you the best and makes you look a million bucks. In this article we will give you a few pointers on how to select and wear a well fitted dress shirt.

The fit of a dress shirt.

Naturally the fit of a dress shirt is the most important aspect in whether it looks good on you or not, and how it looks on you is determined by your body type.

Athletic: Go for a slim fit shirt, you worked hard so show it off. Slim fit shirts are usually tapered strongly towards the waist so a broad upper body and smaller waist is the ideal body type, and almost the only body type, to pull off a slim fit shirt correctly.

Slim or skinny:  With a slender or skinny body you run the risk of drowning in your shirt if you select a shirt fit that is too wide. A slim fit or super slim fit will work best for this body type. However, make sure it is not tight. An athletic build can pull off a shirt that might be a bit too tight on top but a skinny build can’t.

Bulky: To be short if your chest is almost the same width as your waist you are better off with choosing a regular fit shirt. This will fit the best on a bulky frame and won’t restrict movement.

Regular: Not athletic, skinny or bulky? Go for a tailored fit dress shirt available in any decent gentlemen’s store . This is the fit that suits most average people the best. Broader in the chest than the waist but not too much. It will accentuate the chest and waist but won’t restrict movement or lack in comfort.


The upper seam of the sleeve should rest on top of the shoulder for the perfect look. To far towards the neck and it will tighten when you move too far down the arms and the shirt will look baggy and ill fitting.

Sleeve Length:

The upper sleeves should not ride up your arm if you extend them. Try moving your arms and see which way the sleeves move. If they consistently ride up your arm you might want to look into a dress shirt with longer sleeves, so called sleeve 7 shirts with extra arm length.


If you want to determine if the collar of your shirt is right for you there is one simple trick. Button your shirt all the way to the top button and place two fingers between your neck and the collar itself. If it fits the collar is the right size if there is too much room the collar is too big for you.

Tucked in:

A dress shirt should stay in your pants no matter what. Raise your arms above your head and see what happens. If your shirt consistently flies out of your pants it is too short and you will need a tailored shirt with extra length.

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